Win Prizes at Everyday, Former World No. 1 Crane Game Center

Everyday is a chain of warehouse-type game centers that previously held the Guinness world record for the most number of crane games in a single venue. While it has since lost that title (The 3rd Planet in Yokohama now holds that record), it still features hundreds upon hundreds of every type of claw machine imaginable in a plethora of configurations.

This time, I visited Everyday Tottekiya Tokyo to take a crane game course, and also try my hand at a few claw machines not commonly seen at arcades. There are 448 crane games with around 5,000 prizes to win at this centre.

Get free play coupons with the app

Before heading to Everyday, make sure you download the official app (Google Play or App Store), as you can get coupons for extra plays. After downloading, add the code below to get an extra coupon for 5 plays for 200 yen.


Also remember to turn on your GPS when you visit any of the branches as the app will automatically grant you points. Accumulated points can be exchanged for prizes.

Crane games at Everyday Tottekiya

Unique crane games

Multiple plays for 100 yen

There are over 25 machines where you can get 10 plays for 100 yen. These are mostly aimed at kids, so I did not try them. Another machine where you can get 8 plays for 100 yen features stick-shaped snacks that are “universe flavour.” If you are curious about what the universe tastes like, you can give it a shot. There are also machines with 3 plays for 100 yen that offer other assorted snacks.

8 plays for 100 yen at Everyday Tottekiya

10-arm crane game

Yes, you read right. There was one machine where the claw had 10 arms. Unsurprisingly, the prizes were simply cheap candy, but it was a fun machine for kids to give them a thrill of getting something.

10-arm claw machine

There was also a machine with this interesting “arm” nearby, where you have to basically have to use the kung fu pose figurine to hit the mini plushies off the ledge, lol.

Unique claw machine at Everyday Tottekiya

Gourmet UFO catchers

This crane game warehouse prides itself in offering a range of hard-to-find famous curry from all over Japan. You can find a number of machines for winning curry packets, and some even have creative “arms,” like a spoon. 

Curry prizes at Everyday Tottekiya

On the second floor of Everyday Tottekiya is a selection of crane games with food items from Costco, including SPAM and Vietnamese noodles, as well as sweets and other snacks. There is even a microwave and tables in the corner for you to enjoy your freshly “caught” prizes. 

Costco crane game prizes
Eating corner at Everyday Tottekiya

Staple UFO catchers

No game arcade would be complete without crane games for plushies and figurines, and Everyday Tottekiya does not fail to deliver. Row after row of these bright, enthralling machines can be seen filling the expanse of the warehouse.

Everyday Tottekiya Tokyo

One type of machine that you don’t see too often in arcades is the single arm claw.  Everyday Tottekiya has an abundance of these, so I played them for the first time. After getting the hang of it, I was happily able to get prizes on all three single arm machines I played. (A Karameru blanket, an axolotl pencil case, and a crane game plushie case.) 

Wins at Everyday Tottekiya

I also played the two-arm pincer machine with a stop button, which is also not so common. Managed to get a Sumikkogurashi bag on this type of machine, where you have to move the prize off the ledge. Took around 12-13 plays though, as it was my first time. But definitely, having a stop button gives you more strategy options.

My efforts with this mountain plushie machine, however, were futile. I played five times but could not make the brown axolotl move at all. 

Axolotl prizes

I was having so much fun playing the single and two-arm machines that I did not play any three-arm ones. There wasn’t anything in particular I wanted anyway, and these type of machines are pretty much standard in arcades everywhere.

Events at Everyday Tottekiya Tokyo

Entrance to Everyday Tottekiya

Everyday Tottekiya also holds free events almost everyday, but keep in mind that most of these are only in Japanese. Still, if you are going as a family, you may find it worth checking out the calendar when planning your visit.

Many of the staff also double as “crane game advisors,” so don’t hesitate to ask for tips if you are stuck.

Getting to Everyday Tottekiya Tokyo branch

Despite its name, the branch is actually located in the outskirts of Tokyo in Yashio, Saitama Prefecture. You may remember the city in another article of mine on the sex doll museum.

In any case, it takes quite a trek to get there from central Tokyo. First, make your way to either Soka Station (Tobu Skytree Line) or Yashio Station (Tsukuba Express). From either station (Everyday is located between the two), you will need to take a local bus and get off at 伊草団地 (Igusa Danchi). From there it is a 5 minute walk. 

Getting to Everyday Tottekiya by public transport

If you can drive, that might be the better option as there is plenty of parking. The centre is open from 10am to 10pm everyday.

Address: 埼玉県八潮市大字上馬場460-1
460-1 Kamibanba, Yashio, Saitama Prefecture

There are two other Everyday branches in the greater Tokyo area. The main branch is in Gyoda, Saitama Prefecture, and there is another in the western Tokyo city of Tama, which opened in 2023. 

Certification courses run by the Japan Crane Game Association are held at Everyday’s main Gyoda and Tokyo branches.

Final thoughts

The machine settings at warehouse-style centres tend to be easier than in arcades. This is likely because they want to encourage kids and families to have fun there. 

Mini 3-arm crane games

I don’t know if it was my imagination, but I felt the arm strength in many of the machines I played was stronger than in arcades. I have also heard that the kakuritsu (when the claw gets strong) for three-arm claw machines is also set lower than in arcades. As such, Everyday is good for beginners or those that want to get more practice in positioning the claw. While less convenient than city arcades, it’s almost guaranteed you will come home with at least a prize or two.

If you want some tips before venturing into the world of UFO catchers, check out my Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Crane Games.

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