Tsukuba Wan Wan Land, a Paradise for Dog Lovers

If you love dogs (or cats), then Tsukuba Wan Wan Land is the place for you! Located near Tokyo in Ibaraki Prefecture, this glorified dog park lets you interact with all sorts of dog breeds. You can even rent a dog to walk, or bring your own dog to play and run in the park.

Main points of interest

Wan Wan Park

For most visitors, the main attraction is two large sheds where you can pet and hold dozens of different breed of dogs. One shed is for the larger dog breeds, which includes a St. Bernard, a Tibetan mastiff and numerous golden retrievers.

Tibetan mastiff

The other, undoubtedly more popular, shed is for the smaller dogs of numerous breeds. Poodles, chihuahuas, papillons, beagles, corgis, you name it.

Small dog breeds galore at Tsukuba Wan Wan Land

It was at times a yappy affair, and some of the dogs could get rough playing with each other. One particular Keeshond that kept biting at the smaller dogs got scolded multiples times by the staff there.

Naughty boi Keeshond

Some of the pooches are big sooks and climb into laps for cuddles at the like. I have a soft spot for papillions, so was happy this one slept on my lap for around an hour.

Papillion asleep on my lap

Dog rental

You can rent a dog to walk at 1,000 yen per 20 minutes.

Dog shows

From ring toss and jump rope to hula dancing, you can watch the cute little doggos perform tricks at certain times of the day. There is also a dog race where you can place bets on the winning dog.

Cat house

A cat's watchful gaze

In addition to an assortment of dogs, you can also interact with felines at the cat house. There are many different breeds, but in typical cat behaviour, most seem rather indifferent to people.

Indifferent cats at the Tsukuba Wan Wan Land

There was also this cute dog there that kept following the staff around since none of the cats would give him the time of day. When he tried to sniff the butt of one, he was met with a swift swipe to the face by the cat.

Dog that identifies as a cat?

When I asked the staff if the dog was there because he identified as a cat, she said no. It was simply because he had very little hair, so it was too cold to leave him outside.


Tickets to Tsukuba Wan Wan Land cost 1,500 yen per adult, but you can get a discount ticket at 1,200 yen if you fill out this form on the official website. If it is your birthday month, you can get 50% off the ticket price (750 yen).

Tsukuba Wan Wan Land

Getting to Tsukuba Wan Wan Land

From Tokyo or Ueno Station, take the Joban Line or Hitachi Limited Express to Tsuchiura Station. From there, transfer to the Kantetsu Bus bound for Mt. Tsukuba and get off at Tsukuba Wan Wan Land bus stop. The entire journey should take 80-100 minutes.

Alternatively, from Akihabara Station, take the Tsukuba Express to Tsukuba Station. From there, transfer to the Tsukuba Kitabu shuttle and get off at Numata-minami bus stop. The entire journey should take around 95 minutes.

Address: 茨城県つくば市大字沼田579
579 Numata, Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture

The facility is open from 10am to 5pm from March to October. It closes an hour earlier in the colder months.

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